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Why is it important to have a professional MC?


When you want to build a house, you look for a builder; when you want to get your nails done, you find a nail artist. This is no different to when you want someone to host your wedding. It is highly recommended you leave your weddings in good hands of professsionals. Having a professinoal MC to host your wedding or events, you can ensure you are stress free.
More importantly, you do not need to brief them the from scratch like inviting a friend to host your event. Most of the professional MCs are experienced, hence they are on board pretty quick once you invite them to host your event. They will host it professionally, set the right tone, set the right vibe. They are the professionals who can give you good advices in the rundown and what are the things to say and not to say.


Hiring a professional MC is different from asking a favour from a friend. Yes your friend may know you with long history, often in weddings or events it is not required to project the history of the relationship between the MC and you, to make an event great. A close friends' speech is probably a great time in presenting the friendship that developed. While asking for a friend a favour, you could be setting the wrong expectation to the friend, at the end it is just a favour a great friend that can offer.


Whereas having a professional MC, they know they need to meet your expectations, in their professional they should know better what level of service they should be providing at a minimum. For example, they are committed to your event and they should turn up earlier than start time to ensure they introduce themselves to all vendors and suppliers so that everyone knows who to look for. They should be pretty prepared with script and rundowns by the time they turn up (aka, they would have done their homework already). These are the things you can expect from a professional MC, but may not be a friend who does you a favour.


You can totally trust your MC as they should be turning up at your wedding or events well and truly prepared. They know better in which part of the night who they should be contacting to. For example, they will be going to the crew room to ask for the photographer and videographer to get ready when the speech section is about to start, they will ensure to communicate with all vendors. So when the section starts, they are ready to speak and know what to say. 

Moreover, if this is a wedding reception, a good MC is likely to introduce herself to your parents and in-laws, to create a good vibe and make sure they are looked after for the night (Don't know about others but I know I will). 

Look, have a professional someone to do the work that you need is way better than having a friend to do you a favour. At the end of the day, this is your big day with a lot of guests, you would like the event to be as smooth as it can be without having to worry about these. If you have any further questions about MCing your wedding or special events, please drop me a line, I am happy to answer them :) 

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